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We are committed escorts agency to provide Reliable worth for money call girls in Pune. The reason behind our Call girl service is quite interesting. Let me introduce myself, my self Vicky and my best friend John. We were very close and we used to discuss everything in the world. When we were in our bachelor’s degree 2nd year in MIT Pune, we were started hunting for girlfriends. We want enjoy that experience. To be frank there is no commitment to marriage, and no serious promises. The only thing we thought was just have girlfriend beside us.

But only thing we are looking for is similar mind set and similar thoughts. We thought that it is impossible to find girls like our mindset.

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Meeting a beautiful girl in Pune to make friendship.

All of the sudden there was g girl named Siri Patil found beautiful for my friend john. You know she is matured and beautiful girl in front us. She looks like sexy more than a Bollywood heroin. We enquired about her, she also from our college but another group. We want to make friendship with her, we are planning to talk to her and following her to library canteen bus stop everywhere. You know looking at a girl from distance is said to be ok, but making friends is little harder than bringing piece of moon. Where ever we found her there will be dozens of girls will be standing over there. It made us little worried and nervous and disappointed too.

How we made first companionship offer to her.

All of the sudden we found her alone when she was sitting alone in college canteen. John went to her and asked for movie. And he offered her that if she come to movie with us we had to bought ticket for her. It was the first companionship offer that we made her. I was just shocked and watching them from little distance, because it was the moment before we discussed to go for a movie because we were getting bored in the class. That made me scared but little excited that going to watch a movie with a beautiful girl. And I was thinking to escape from there. I was thought that before leaving the place I want see her reply her reply.

I don’t know what magic was happened how, she said that She was also looking for a company for movie and she will take the tickets for both of us. This was the wonder that she said ok for movie and second wonder is that, when john was looking for auto, she said that it is ok let us three go by bike. And she sit middle john sit last while I was driving. This was we never expected that a girl will come for a movie with us like this. The movie theater Alka Talkies was about 15 minutes distance as usual it taken 30 minutes because of her. She used to introduce herself in that journey time. And asking about us too.

We went for movie, gents que was little long hence she said that she will go and bring the tickets. And she has bought tickets and cool drinks too.

Going to a park with sexy girl in Pune.

The movie was running but she was talking with us by sitting in between us. john asked her that “you want to watch the movie wright? Why you are not doing that” she said that “I was felt that class was bored hence I planed for movie. If I found something interesting more than a movie, why would I watch it”. I was really shocked because their conversation was interesting for me. But it must be outside of the theater because the sound in theater made me uncomfortable to listen their conversation. There was nothing romantic conversation but it is interesting more than that. I was shocked because she said what I was thinking exactly.

We came out and went to Kamala Nehru Park at Gymkhana. And we sat on bench near children play ground and had a conversation like children. Which has no end. That day we came to know that conversation like chatting or talking with girls is endless. And we realized that she is the likely minded. And it was around 5PM but she didn’t stop talking. And we exchanged our phone numbers. And we left for home by dropping her at Pune Station.

Going out for date with beautiful girls in Pune.

After that day she called john and told us that she and her friend Naina planning to go outside and her friend wants to go with us. I was felt really wonder that having one girlfriend is a great feeling, here we found another one. And they are very similar thinking. You know that you will find girls who can used you to do shopping and paying bills. But finding the girls who shares the expenses along with feelings. And we four were wen to Lonavala. The romantic people in Pune knows that how it is visiting Lonavala with girls.

But we were nervous because it was first date for us with matured Marathi girls. You may know how tough were they. As usual they started talking and spent great time with them. Meanwhile they expressed their plan that. They are the girls who wants to visit all places in India but they cant afford for that, hence their plan was going with boys who can pay for their company. And there was no dealing with sex. But if they really like the man who takes them for out they are ready to give sexual service also.

The two matured, sexy women started their journey as independent escorts.

Me and john were little worried but we also found the praposal was genuine. And we accepted it and went few places like Mumbai Goa Nashik etcetera. After that we left with empty hands. And the. Girls don’t want to stop their journey. And they told us to find some one who wants a company of girls companions, but the condition was the guys must be unknown to them. Here it is the starting point for the girls as an escorts in Pune.

Me and john discussed all the legal points and possibilities together. According to 1956 SITA and 1986 PITA acts which are known SITA and PITA there is nothing wrong in providing Companion service or escort service in India by girls on their own risk and on their own interest. We helped them in Posting an advertise in classified sites to providing Companion services in India. So we decided to post advertising on craigslist Vivastreet backpage and locanto also.

Grown as best reliable genuine escort service Providers in Pune.

Finally it was worked and the journey was started as an escorts agency in Pune. We invited the girls who were interested in providing escorts service In Pune. We invited them on the condition that providing sexual service is at their own interest and their own risk. We never forced any girl to provide sex services or call girl services in Pune. We just guided them respected their feelings.

What ever farming you are doing, weed is always with it. The fraudulent people in the society who they wants easy money were involved like weed in society. There are two types of fraudulent we found in escorts industry. One is by forcing woman to do prostitution. Second one is the cyber criminals who are posting advertisements and demanding online payments as advance and looting the genuine clients. All these are the obstacle for our growth.

The solution for this is to build the trust on us in clients mind. For that we designed our website. Call girls Bazaar which is completed 7 years which is the symbol of trust.

Now we stood the best escorts service providers in Pune